Internet-of-Everything makes everything possible...

If "things" could talk...

Just think what you could do if you could "talk" with hundreds, thousands or millions of devices or "things", and they could talk with you and each other and pass on valuable information about their status and condition...


The Internet-of-Everything includes both the Internet-as-we-know-it (which connects people through computers, phones, tablets, wearables, etc.), and the Internet-of-Things.

The Internet-of-Things was popularized with the concept of M2M communication (Machine to Machine communication) forefronted by the telecommunication industry. But the Internet-of-Things is much more than that, and the Internet-of-Everything is even bigger still.

Internet-of-Everything includes everything that has gone before

Internet of Everything

Internet-of-Everything will grow phenomenally

Experts predict that in the Internet-of-Everything there will be astonishing growth and that over 50 billion currently unconnected devices will be connected by 2020.


Internet of Everything


Be inspired, watch the videos

Note: This site is in no way affiliated with Cisco who have produced the videos and posted them on YouTube. We have just posted links to them here as we share the sentiment behind them and feel that they provide entertainment and enlightenment to help foster a better understanding of the reach and implications of the Internet-of-Everything.

(The music is "Re-entry" by Philip Sheppard, from the soundtrack to "In The Shadow Of The Moon".)

More information

To find out more about how you can connect your devices as part of the Internet-of-Everything, please contact us, or visit the Official Tinymesh™ Wireless Mesh Network Website for some exciting ideas and uncomplicated solutions.

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